Friday, February 27, 2015

Nature Is Calling!

Intrepid Souls close-up

Nature is always sending out little messages to us.

As if to say, take notice of me, look at this, do you see that!? Lately, in my yard I've observed a budding crocus wedged between concrete pavers and curb. An odd little hanging nest left over by last summer's bushtits. A surprisingly pinkish acorn that the squirrels must have hidden in my garden last fall, that is now bursting out of its shell sending roots into the earth. The other day a flock of vireos came through my yard calling to one another as they flew from shrub to bush, searching for insects. Today the hummingbirds that overwinter here, were in my magnolia making their clicking sounds. All these observations make me happy and excited because they can become the seed of inspiration for a rug.

sprouting acorn
bushtit hanging nest

Nature is calling! Hurry! Grab your sketchbook and pencil! And, I don't mean to offend, but no one gets to claim that they cannot draw! In my world, art isn't about your ability, it's about your connection to your life and experiences. If you are not confident in your drawing abilities, I encourage you to grab that sketchpad and pencil anyway. Write down what you notice, describe its shape or make a rough sketch. Note the colors, the sounds you hear, the way it makes you feel. If the bird you draw is a little wonky, all the better. If the flower buds are two different sizes, that's wonderful. If you can see, smell, hear, touch, taste, you can record these experiences in some way. By keeping a sketchbook/journal you will learn what pleases you! That little seed of inspiration can become a meaningful expression of your experiences for you!

It is so gratifying and soul satisfying to create beauty. Learning what colors or motifs inspire you to best express yourself! I believe all of us are designers, creators, and the more we practice, the better we understand our artistic selves. Some of our favorite antique rugs are primitive, folk-art style. Naive and simply rendered animals, flowers and other motifs from nature. Our fore-mothers beautifully captured their world, and you can too!

Live Laugh Love

Nature is calling! Pick up your sketchpad and pencil, your wool and hook and answer!



  1. I wholeheartedly agree ~ I am never without pencil & sketchbook…always close at hand to jot down an idea or capture a fleeting moment in time to become the impetus for one of my works. I can't wait for Spring this year…I hope it lasts as long as this seemingly endless Winter we're having! keep those talented hands busy my sweet friend ~

  2. Thank you Lori! We are having an early spring on the west coast it seems. Sending warming thoughts!