Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fantastic Mr. Fox

There are many ways to approach color planning. Maybe you are inspired by a painting, a piece of fabric, or
want your hooked piece to fit in with your home decor. There is not one, right way to choose your colors. 
However, a little bit of planning, even consulting your color wheel, before you begin, could save a lot 
of heartache for you in the end.
In COZY FOX, I used a triadic color plan, using, violet, orange, and green with a heavy dose of neutral grays for the background and neutral brown for the tree.
Getting a sense of how the colors work together. A muted orange with some earthy tans for the fox. The leaves lean towards a yellow green, and a soft lilac purple complete the magic!


  1. Wonderful article on color. When I grow up I want to be like you. The color thing throws me for a loop. Seems all I can do is the 8 crayon box colors.

    1. Thank you Marie! I think the color thing throws all of us for a loop sometimes! Stick with it! mj