Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Four Seasons

Four seasons! There really are four seasons that are equal in length throughout the year. Yet, this has seemed like a very long winter to some! My heart goes out to our east coast friends and all others who have been hit with such a harsh winter! I'm sure I would feel differently if I had to endure endless cold, snow and ice! However, that being said, currently, I love all seasons and have designed and hooked many rugs that commemorate the changing of the seasons. Stroll and scroll through some of my rugs and remember spring and all the other seasons are just around the corner.

Winter's Bouquet
One December, as I was gathering evergreen boughs and holly for a winter bouquet, I was surprised to find a rose bud on one of my rose bushes.
Winter's Bouquet
Winter's Bouquet close-up

Spring is such a happy time! Flowers bloom, green abounds, birds return and all sorts of wonderful babies come into the world.

Ode to Spring Center

The long days of summer invite this fawn to venture out into the meadow.

Meadow Bound close-up

Autumn's Smile, was inspired by a bouquet I picked towards the end of summer. My favorite rose, a heady smelling repeat bloomer, still had a few buds, as well as rose hips forming too. It seemed so poignant to watch right before my very eyes, this summer blooming rose, surrender to autumn. Hence, the name, Autumn's Smile, obliquely refers to William Cullen Bryant's poem. "Autumn, the year's last loveliest smile."

Autumn's Smile


  1. Another great post. Autumn's Smile is my favorite---since I've hooked it.

    1. Hooked beautifully too I might add Marie! Did you make it a pillow also, or a table mat or wall hanging?! My old brain is not recalling! xo mj