Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's all about that gray 'bout that grey, no color!

Here in the Pacific Northwest we can get a lot of grey days! Sometimes it's rain, other days it's a fog that never lifts. I'm ok with these kind of days! I like how the mist and rain acts as a shroud or cloak of neutrals that envelopes me and challenges me to use color sparingly.

These past two years I've been fascinated with the color gray! Look at how all these similar in value, beautiful shades of grey blend and give interest to the background. ..warm, cool, greenish, taupey, solids, textured!
In-progresss rug, Garden Gate.

Overcast days invite me to appreciate all that is gray in nature. Think about how that can translate to your hooked work!

Look how these grayed neutrals and the directional lines of the branches make this ladybug pop!


  1. Hey, MJ------two posts! You go girl! I love the grays in Garden gate.

  2. Love the gray acts as a neutral.. Luv the blog!!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to say hi Carolyn! xo ️mj