Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Listen to Your Heart

I know, I know, Valentine's Day was LAST weekend. Some folks might think it is time to put away the hearts and gear up for the next holiday. However, I like to have hooked rugs and mats with uplifting words or symbols decorating my house throughout the year.

There are many examples in books and on the internet of antique hooked rugs made with heart motifs. I like to look at these old rugs, as well as, needlework, quilts, woodwork, and nature for inspiration on ways to express love by using heart shapes in different ways.

I love all the symbolism my simple mat, Listen to Your Heart, has hooked into it! Of course, the most obvious are the hearts! Four hearts in all with the biggest heart echoing out to the border. It is suppose to symbolize that love isn't contained, that love radiates out beyond our edges, if we let it.

The words and little heart, LISTEN TO YOUR ❤️, are clearly spelled out, so that every time you glance at the mat, you will READ that subliminal message, even if you aren't aware of it.

The heart in hand symbol, is an old Shaker symbol meaning charity given from the heart. My use of the hand, is meant to symbolize your hand cupped to your heart, to amplify "your voice" pounding forth from it, just like you would cup your hand to your ear to hear something more clearly.

All those little red dots that outline the two main hearts represent roses. I adore a red rose that grows in our front yard. Really though, their placement was practical because I wanted to spread more red around the pattern.

I hooked this mat using again, my already cut wool strips from my previous big rug that I finished in early January. I cannot believe, I am going to say this, however, I am getting tired of green! Well, maybe I will take a step away from green for one or two of my next promises!

The background four corner areas were hooked in similar value hit-or-miss directional hooking. For binding the edges, I used off-the-bolt yardage of three different textures. I really should try some other finishing techniques, but crocheting the edge goes so fast, and I still like the way it looks to complete a rug.

Listen to Your Heart measures 14"x17". It is available in my ETSY shop as a PDF instant downloadable file.

I have my two most recent designs hung next to my front door, to serve as a reminder when I leave and when I return to strive to have a heart-focused day!



  1. You did a BEAUTIFUL job of explaining your thought process in designing this WONDERFUL rug!!!

  2. Thank you Lauren!
    Nice of you to stop by!