Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Guest Hooking Artist: Patty Rogers

From a rug hooker and designer's perspective, it is always an honor when another hooking artist, likes your patterns enough to hook multiple designs of yours. What is even better, is when you get to actually see these rugs.

I recently had the opportunity to view my rugs being used and displayed in Patty Rogers home. They look beautiful! Patty often uses a more saturated color palette than I do. Which totally works with her home decor and color scheme! It is so much fun and educational for me to see my rugs interpreted in different ways!

This is a quilt-like inspired rug Stars & Squares.

I really like the little details of how she used a lighter value to age the pinks near the star.

Notice how she uses reds, browns and rosy pinks to blend the background colors to make it more interesting.

Patty did a lovely job of hooking a few of my salmon motif rugs. She really nailed the technique to make the background look like rippling waves in Salmon & Wild Roses.

Below, in The Valley, is a close-up of the pictorial middle section of the rug, and a section of the border. Unfortunately, I could not get my camera to cooperate to show the high contrast between the motifs and outer border background.

Finally, these two sweet mats, the Lullaby Bunny is cleverly made into a pillow. The Garden HIdeaway is a table mat used in her hooking room.

Patty has been hooking for many years and has so many varied and interesting rugs in her home. She used her rugs on the walls, as table mats, as bathroom mats, in the kitchen, as pillows on the bed or couch! Her hooking pieces are as small as mug coasters, to a huge 4' x 6' rug in her entryway! Maybe the next time I visit I can show off all of these!

Thank you Patty for letting me admire all of your amazing rugs in your home, and for letting me showcase my designs hooked so beautifully by you!

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*Yin & Yang Salmon opening photo



  1. Lovely rugs. It is always fun to see different versions of rugs.

  2. Thank you! I agree, and so true! A new perspective on a rug design is a good thing!