Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Garden Inspired Dye Day

In the Pacific Northwest, we seem to be having an early spring. I am inspired by all the colors that are blooming in my garden and neighborhood.

So, of course, this inspiration has to some how translate into my rug hooking.

This week I have been dyeing wool and not getting much rug hooking done. I dye batches of wool with amounts ranging anywhere from 1/8 yard, which is my test batch, to one yard batches. Within the next couple of weeks, I hope to have plenty of wool to offer at a vending event, or in my ETSY shop.

It is a fun experience to dye wool. I find it exciting to create new formulas or tweak old ones. Yet, I will have to admit, it takes a lot of dedication to persist dyeing batch after batch of wool. I have developed a systematic approach, yet, sometimes it seems like I am juggling a lot of balls all at the same time. From choosing which wool solids or textures to dye, to then soaking wool, to figuring out how much of which dyes to use. Sometimes I repeat this process six times in one day. Tonight, my back is telling me that I have been doing a lot of standing over the dye pots this week. My dining room table is covered with wool batches and recipe cards that need to get organized and updated. Even with all these steps involved, it is very gratifying to be surrounded by lovely wool.

Next week, my goal is to focus on dyeing some lighter neutrals, but for now, all the colors of the garden inspired the day!