Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet atop Garden Geese table mat

Yay! Bulbs, shrubs and perennials are abloom here in the Pacific Northwest. Out in my garden, I was shocked to find my white lilac already in blossom. Typically, it blooms earlier than the purple variety, but March does seems early. I love it when I can start the season of sharing bouquets with friends and neighbors. From now until autumn's frost my goal is to have fresh flowers in my house, or a friend's home each week. You really do get a sense of how the season flows when you watch the plants bud, flower and die off, making way for other varieties to blossom. Wandering through my garden I get so inspired trying to find just the right flower for each bouquet. It is such a simple pleasure to have a vase filled with garden flowers atop a hooked table mat. Heavenly!

Flowers in photo: species tulip, white lilac, lamium, wood hyacinth, doronicum, peony leaves

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