Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Praise Every Morning

Praise Every Morning, size 28" x 50" is a rug I designed last summer that has taken me until now to finally complete. Up until a few days ago, I always referred to this as my "big rug". Usually, a name comes to me as I hook, or often before I even start. Yet with this rug, taking over nine months to complete, I was surprised that a name hadn't jumped out at me. Then I remembered backed to the summer when I was thinking about making a big rug.

As the ideas for my rug were coming together, there were several mornings when I would awaken with the song "Morning has Broken" dancing around in my head. The lyrics (praise every morning) now seem like a fitting, positive, uplifting name for this rug. Perhaps like many of you, I grew up loving this song, which was made popular by Cat Stevens, yet it is actually a hymn first published in 1931. The words are by English author Eleanor Farjeon and are set to a traditional Scottish Gaelic tune. Who knew?!

My design was inspired by an antique rug that had intriguing hit-and-miss sections along with flowers set within diamond shapes against a light greenish background.

I find it interesting that something as simple as hooking repeated hit-and-miss lines can create unity in a rug. I love how the hit-and-miss repetition keeps drawing my eye in, inspiring me to look longer and see more. The parallel and perpendicular lines are hooked in soft browns and golds on the straight of the grain. The diamond shapes are hooked a little quirky here and there to compliment the homespun feel of the rug.

Sweet birds, blooming flowers, bold roses, and vining hearts are the focal points within the diamonds that all come together creating a garden theme. I like to think that my little birds are "praising every morning" as they greet the day with song, flitting amongst the flowers in this hooked garden

Of course, my goal was to use up several of my already cut worms, but this never seems to be the reality for me. I was surprised that I didn't have too many worms left over, but I'm thinking I will have to find another way to design a rug if my goal is to use up wool worms.

I am so happy to finally have my "big rug" on the floor. The lovely soft colors, the hit-and-miss lines, the garden flowers and cheerful birds are reminding me to "praise every morning" too!

This pattern and other items are available in my ETSY shop.

Thank you!



  1. what a beautiful post to wake up to! your design, colors and hooking are so soft & peaceful...

  2. LOVE your rug and I always loved Cat Stevens, too.
    Worms multiply at night, you know!!!
    Happy spring :)

  3. Thank you! Hey! If wool worms multiply by night, then surely elves will hook by night for us as well!!! :) mj