Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Harvest Party

In earlier posts, I admitted to not being so great at decorating for holidays. That still stands true. I do better with grasping onto seasons. They have a more natural rhythm for me, last for a longer time period, and have more ambiguous start and stop times.

As the weather begins to turn from summer to fall, as the days start out cool and roll into golden afternoons that smell of ripe fruit that have fallen to the ground and tainted the air with an earthy, overripe scent, I embrace surrounding myself with images that celebrate the coming autumn.

The initial design idea for this piece was for a scalloped border with a creamy yellow background. It reminded me of the soft light of autumn afternoons and the harvest activities which surround that time of year. There was a thought to maybe include pumpkins or apples.

Harvest Party's gathering of quirky friends somehow became a part of the design. I enjoy how each of these characters have their own personality. There's the mouse standing on his tippy-toes, and wearing his heart on his tail. The bird ready to spring forward to share her flower. The big-eyed dragonfly happily drifting between the two friends, ready to alight on the pumpkin.

Harvest Party is a light-hearted fun pattern to hook. It is available in my ETSY shop.

Happy Autumn!


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