Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Designs by Guest Hooking Artist


(Note: All photos in this week's post are hooked by Maureen Lowrey)

When I design a rug, sometimes I know the color plan before I have finished with paper and pencil and long before I pick up my hook. Other times, Nature, a painting, fabric or textile has inspired me and I create my palette based on these ideas.

I'm always honored when a rug hooker wants to hook my designs. I love to see how they make the rug their own. Whether they use the color concept that I initially used, or if they go in another direction using colors and values that better suits their home and their own creativity.

My dear friend Maureen Lowery has given me permission to share photos of my rug designs hooked by her. She is a talented rug hooking artist! I'm in awe of her work and I'm sure you will be too! Thank you Maureen!



These patterns are available on my ETSY, or at

The rugs in order of appearance:

Rose Wreath


Meadow Bound

Thy Friend

Rose Wreath close-up



  1. Maureen did a great job on your designs. Would of loved to see your version also to compare the different color concepts---just saying!

    1. Go to etsy and you will see my version. I hooked it about 10 years ago with a little darker palette.

  2. Lovely work!! I really love the soft and beautiful color palate!! Wonderful design work!!
    Cathy G