Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Out to Pasture

This Little Cow wanders out into the pasture, unsure of whether to smell the flowers or eat them. The technique of directional hooking and use of many different wool textures imparts the surrounding hills with a feeling of movement.

Sometimes with small pieces I like to frame them in different ways. This classic style frame has a rustic antiqued finish with a gold leafed inner edge that beautifully compliments my work. The Roma wood frame is made in Italy and assembled in North America. These mouldings are made using only woods from active reforestation programs. Now that is a good thing!

Little Cow, is a fun, sweet pattern to hook and make into a table topper, pillow, or to frame. It would look great with rustic barnwood for the frame. I wouldn't recommend this as a beginner rug, but if you have hooked a few pieces, then this could be your next rug to experiment with hooking directional lines for the hills, leaning flowers framed in their own little hillocks, and one happy Little Cow.

You may find this Little Cow and other patterns and hooking items at my ETSY


  1. What's your cows name? Looks like a "Bessie" to me. If she's anything like the deer in my neighborhood those flowers would be good in a flash. Love that you can hook in non traditional colors, my meadows would have to be greens.

    1. Hadn't thought of a name for her. It would probably be Dolly, that was my dad's favorite milking cow.

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